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Best Japanese bakery in OC!


Love Japanese bread? Have you tried breads and pastries made out of Hokkaido flour?? I remember enjoying this nice fluffy bread experience on my last trip to Japan and thought I'd never eat something so unique here in the states. Then just last weeknd I accidently stumbled inside Okayama Kobo Bakery in Anaheim, CA after my mom received her covid vaccination at Disneyland. We were trying to find a place to eat lunch on Yelp and I found a quaint brunch spot that just happened to be on the same street as this bakery. I was surprised to find this small little area filled with really cool restaurants and shops with such a cool vibe. It's located in 155 W Center Street Promenade where the whole block is lined with cool eats, bar and dessert shops. It's a must for all foodies to check out because you'll be surprised by what you can find here!

There was a long line because the bakery would only allow one family inside the store at a time due to covid. After waiting for 30 minutes, I was finally able to get my bread! The selections were quite simple and everything looked super fresh. The little bear breads filled with custards were so adorable!

These little characters are not cheap but when you take your first bite, it'll be worth the wait and why they charge almost $4 for one bread! Yeah, it's that good and something that's not sold any where else! I've been to many Asian bakeries but you simply can't beat the soft texture and light airy custard that's heavenly in your mouth.

Look at the inside! I like how the custard filling isn't too sweet and there was a perfect balance of sugar to yolk ratio that makes the custard absolutely tasty! It was hard to break this bread in half because I didn't want to destroy the cuteness! But I fought hard and just ripped the face in half! Then devoured of what I thought was one of the best tasting breads outside of Japan!

I also tried the azuki bean bread and that was extremely delicious! I'm not always a big fan of azuki beans because many places in the US makes it with too much sugar. But that wasn't the case here. They know the perfect way to balance the natural sweetness that's not too overwhelming and heavy. Explaining this doesn't do justice. It's one of those places that you'll have to experience yourself to understand why I called it heaven in your mouth. Seriously that good!

They have many other breads but I'll save it for another day to try more things. I left with a Kobokuma, Kobo Usagi and a whole loaf of bread. They ask if you want it cut toast or sandwich. I like mines on the thinner side so they cut it sandwich size. The bread was warm and seems like it came out of the oven not too long ago.

There's a cafe attached to the bakery. I tried both the cold brew and iced matcha latte. Ok, let me just say that so many places use cheap grade matcha. But this place uses better quality matcha and it was super delicious! Make sure you order the iced matcha latter! I saw many people ordering this and had to try one myself.

If you just want to order drinks, you don't have to stand in the bakery line. They offer contact less ordering so you can just order online and pick up quickly in store. Both their matcha and coffee drinks were good. Overall, I'd definitely come back for more bread, custard breads and iced matcha latte!

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