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Best Eats Inside Haven City Food Hall in Rancho Cucamonga


Ever since this fairly new food hall opened back in 2019, it's become one of the famous foodie destinations in the Inland Empire! Packed with all sorts of various restaurants, it's a one stop place to get your cravings fixed from coffee, boba, Mexican, Meditteranean, Asian, American and so much more! They even have a full bar and a spacious cool outdoor patio. In the midst of covid, they had to stop indoor dining but you are able to comfortable dine outdoors. I even saw couple people bring their dogs over and many families gather to spend a fun afternoon/evening. You'll see that parking isn't a problem because there's a huge lot that's connected to another big lot next to it.


Items you see above are from Sizzling Place, Ibasa Taco's and Elotes and Baba K's. An array of my favorites that I order at least once a week are falafel, beef kabobs, carne asada tacos and burritos and either beef or seafood sizzling plate. Doesn't this spread look absolutely delicious?

These photos were taken pre covid and the food was served so that you're able to enjoy them inside Haven City. All their foods are now served in take out boxes and no longer offer stoneware or dishes. Despite being served in take out containers, the food still taste amazing and fresh! Every restaurant offers the meals to be cooked right when you order it instead of being premade and sitting on a heating pad. You'll find something to enjoy as you stroll around the whole entire food hall. And not everyone needs to order from the same place! During the weekends, expect at least 20 minute wait since it does get busy. Couple restaurants offer beer on tap or bottles too!https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=0HJi1B_0YWgfHB500

Boba time always has a long line so expect to wait over 20 minutes! Since all their drinks are made fresh, you'll have to wait for your drinks to be custom made depending on the level of sweetness and the toppings. I usually get my drinks 1/4 sweet with less boba. This location makes my drinks perfect every single time and not overly sweet or artifically tasting! So refreshing and delicious. I love their Matcha drinks and the Coconut Strawberry or Cookies and Cream is my favorite!


If you're feeling poke and want a healthier meal, try Oke Poke where you get to pick out your own choice of seafood, veggies, topppings and sauce. You can choose to get it in a bowl or wrapped up in a nori burrito and create your own burrito sushi! I love to order mine with ponzu sauce with extra cripsy onions and avocado's too! Add a miso soup and complete your meal!


Not too sure about what to order and just want to wing it? Fire Wings carry all sorts of delicious chicken wing flavors to choose from! One of the most strangest flavor that was recommended was their spicy peanut sauce. At first I wasn't sure if this was something I would enjoy. But after the first bite, I became a huge fan! The flavors are on point and super tasty! Try this and order a side of garlic noodles. Oh and don't forget the beer! Your weekend won't be complete without some Fire Wings in your belly!


They have this beautiful outdoor patio area where every Mondays you get to take advantage of free movie night under the stars! The outdoor area has plenty of seating and space your kids can run around. Enjoy your delicious eats under the sun and take advantage of So Cal's beautiful weather.


Feeling extra fancy? Shokunin offers omakase experience where the chef will serve daily fresh specials according to the month where you'll eat some melt in your house fish! They also offer this box filled with assorted sushi and sashimi for take out if you would rather enjoy sushi at home. Either ways, you'll feel relaxed sipping on some good sake while the chef prepares each piece of sushi right in front of you! Can't get more fresh than that, right? Check it out for yourself!


It's Sizzlin' Place that you'll hear the loud sizzles cooking up some juicy steak! You'll find yourself eating some delicious teppan steak, chicken or seafood and they've added some Japanese appetizers to their menu! The menu is self serve and you pick up once your buzzard goes off. Payment is contact less and take out is available. Like my noodle pull? Ask for extra sauce to pour over the noodles. So delicious!




Mulitas or Tacos? Why pick! Get both. And taco's aren't just for Tuesdays. Get your taco and burrito fix at Ibasa and ask for extra green sauce. I don't know what's in that sauce but it's super good! Pour it all over and take a huge bite! Order at least 4 taco's and a mulitas. Trust me. You'll thank me later! They also sell Mexican candy in front of their store. So fun and always a good time at Ibasa!




Jojo's Taiwan Eats offer the best Beef Noodle Soup in all of Inland Empire! I mean, just look at this noodle pull! They always give huge pieces of meat and the broth is super flavorful. The owner said that he would cook the bones for many hours to make sure the deep flavor is key to this soup. I also love their mapo tofu. I'm not the one who'd order vegan but the only time I love vegan is when I'm feasting on their vegan mapo tofu. Pair it with some taste popcorn chicken and you'll leave this place happy!



Haven city has pho, pasta, ice cream, acai bowl, bbq to help fill up your belly! You can't go wrong with any of the restaurants in here!

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