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Best pizza with outdoor patio in Ontario!


Located close by the 10 freeway, you'll end up at this hidden gem called Brick Pizza in Ontario off 4th street. It's in a sketchy area where I wouldn't feel comfortable coming here alone. But day time it's a nice place to enjoy your pizza with some wings in their cozy outdoor area. It's fairly a large space that can cater to big birthday parties and graduation celebrations. They even have a big screen TV to watch sports. Their menu offers various pizza toppings but one that stood out was the carne asada which was loaded with flavorful marinated meats and plenty of cilantro! It's a must try along with a nice selection of beers to wash it all down.



I love how they don't skimp on their toppings and each bite has a huge flavor burst of deliciousness! The owner is super friendly and really cares to make his customers happy. Remember what Pizza Hut used to look like back in the 80's? Or how about Shakey's? Well, Brick's Pizza has a similar indoor vibe that brings back memories when I was a kid. And perhaps that makes plenty of sense on why their pizza taste so good to me! It's not your typical modern day millenial arugula with proscuitto and honey drizzled wheat dough gluten free pizza. If you're into that type of pizza, you can make your own after a trip to Trader Joes. However if you like some simple good old American style Pepperoni or Supreme Pizza with a nice thick crust and hearty cheese toppings, I would definitely suggest Brick's Pizza!


I was able to go behind the scenes and film how their pizza's are made which was a lot of fun! I literally watched my 4 pizza's freshly tossed, sauced, cooked and sliced right before my eyes! They add enough cheese where I was able to do a nice cheese pull too.


Now doesn't that look amazing? It's loaded with mozzerella cheese and so much toppings that after eating 2 slices I was ready to give up! But a foodie can't just stop after two slices! I had four pizza's and I was determined to try one of each to make sure they were all up to my standard. And the verdict is.....I loved the pepperoni with jalepenos and the carne asada! Highly recommend if you're in this area and want to order some good old no frills solid pizza.


Outdoor patio seating is available and you can enjoy your pizza with a bucket of Estrella bottles for only $15! There is plenty of room for social distancing and big tables to accomodate large families as well. The whole family will enjoy a nice afternoon lunch at Brick's Pizza with all the different options on their menu to offer even the pickiest of eaters!


Be sure to check out the full video experience on my Instagram: Missfoodaddict and on Tiktok: Missfoodaddict00. Leave in the comments below and suggest what other food places you'd like for me to review next!

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