Din Tai Fung-Covid Dine Out Experience


Ever since the start of covid, I have been deprived of eating dimsum and more specifically enjoying some steaming hot juicy pork dumplings from Din Tai Fung. This is the kind of food that you don't want to do a take out because that would change the texture and taste. When I saw the patio outdoor seating available, I had to change my dinner plans and get my fix of dumplings! Unfortunately reservation was all filled up due to the limited seating options so I went home sad with a hangry belly. The week after I came back to have a 4:30pm dinner. They took my temperature and asked to keep my mask on other than when I'm eating. The ordering process was easy. You just check off all the items you want to order and the quantity. The server confirms the order and when your meal is done, you do a contact less payment.



My favorite and a must order every time I'm at DTF are these juicy pork dumplings and the chili oil pork dumplings. They come out steaming hot and delicious! I always ask for extra ginger to soak up the soy sauce and top the dumpling with couple pieces of ginger. That combination of ginger and dumpling is super umami that becomes addicting! If you've never had Din Tai Fung, it's an experience you want to try at least once!


Contactless menu and payment available because of covid. Is this the new norm? Things becoming more contactless? I don't mind at all because it's faster and more convenient. There was plenty of social distancing and I liked how we weren't inside tents. This is located outside the Santa Anita mall area so you see shoppers walking past your table. However, there's a planter that divides the mall traffic so you will have your privacy. Service was top notch and the food was just as fresh and delicious! At the end of the meal, I always order the red bean cake.


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