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Pasadena has a lot of hidden gems around the city but did you know that there are very talented small business owners selling some of the best goodies that can't be found any where else? I was fortunate enough to try Eugenie's choux. She is the founder of Choux & Co. and makes these delicious mini french pastry puff in two different flavors. There is the cheese choux and the crystal sugar choux. Both are available frozen so you will need to bake it off at 360 degrees for 25 minutes. After picking this up from Pasadena, I drove back to Orange County and tried baking some in my oven.

In my opinion, the cheese puffs were flavorful and very tasty. It baked off perfectly to golden brown. The sprinkled sugar puff came with a bag a crystal sugars where you'd have to dip and cover each puff before baking it. These puff are all delicious when paired with coffee. It's a great way to snack in the mid afternoon. They are tiny but so fun to eat and would make perfect appetizers. It's a definite crowd pleaser for future parties! Check out my IG: Missfoodaddict for a full video and review on these puffs!

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As an avid content creator helping both restaurants and businesses to market their food/products on social media, I will be sharing stories and behind the scenes with this community. I'll also be sharing some thoughts on the current situation of so many small businesses that are struggling due to covid. Other subjects that will be shared are recipes and food related post.

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