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Popping Yolk Cafe


This new location is popping with their signature French Toast and Eggs Benedict just like the Alhambra location!  I don't know how they can make their French toAst so crispy and delicious because this is what keeps me coming back for more!  Trust me when I say that you HAVE to....MUST...order their French toast.  You rather eat soggy ones? Whyyyy!!! Just don't.  Because the way this place cooks their toast is perfectly tasty and the best EVER!!  Everyone who has tried this french toast will say that it's the most crunchy, flavorful and delicious french toast that's perfectly battered and fried with the right amount of sweetness!

And of course if you're going to order a sweet dish, it only makes sense to balance it out by eating something savory.  That's where the Eggs Benedict comes in.  Specifically the Norwegian Eggs Benedict has avocados, poached egg and ham on top of a soft English muffin with a side of salad.  Pop that yolk like I did in my video and slice through the ham and English muffin.

They have added a new item.  Kimchi omelette! Omggggg it's a must must order! The way they cook their eggs is super creamy and perfect just like how you would eat it in Japan! This omelette is loaded with shredded cheddar cheese, spam and kimchi! I only ate half and ate the other half for breakfast the next day. It's still good as a leftover!

I love yolk porn.  I love eggs.  I love popping yolks for brunch and eating it with a side of this crack French toast.  You'll love it here.  Fantastic brunch and great ambience!  Dog friendly patio outside! Take out orders due to the pandemic but it's still delicious!


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As an avid content creator helping both restaurants and businesses to market their food/products on social media, I will be sharing stories and behind the scenes with this community. I'll also be sharing some thoughts on the current situation of so many small businesses that are struggling due to covid. Other subjects that will be shared are recipes and food related post.

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