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Amara has always been my go to place for coffee and churros. Everyone that I bring over to Amara agrees that they carry the best churros AND either regular brewed coffee or their famous cocoa latte. I know for sure that this place doesn't disappoint when it comes to the high quality chocolate, coffee and churros. And then one day I tried some of their brunch and lunch menu.....OMG!!! Have you ever had Venezulan food? Well let me tell you it's sooooo amazing!

Came by for brunch with my dogs and decided to try their brunch menu on the outside patio area. We just asked the people working there what they would recommend. Arepas and Cachapas is what was recommended so got both without knowing what to expect.

Surprise! The Mediterranean cachapa is a corn "cake" shaped into a pancake and topped with pancetta, burrata, salami, chorizo, roasted tomatoes, arugula and pesto. This is better than anything I've ever tasted and would pair perfectly with wine. I'd definitely do a take out and enjoy this back home on my sofa with wine. Too good to share so order your own cachapa! I can't wait to try their other cachapas!

The arepas are like pita breads stuffed with shredded meat. They have 7 different choices and I've decided to try the Beef Cabrera. The whole combination of gouda, tomatoes, plantain and beef stuffed in a white corn flatbread is so tender and juicy. Dip it in their salsa verde and you're on cloud nine.

I've also tried their El Criollo Pabellon which is a plate that's full of rice topped with black beans, shredded pulled pork, sweet plantains and some other delicious things I can't don't know the names. But trust me. This is a good breakfast you can share with your girlfriend with a side of crossiant and muffins with coffee.

Amara definitely is one of the iconic restaurants in Old town Pasadena that you MUST try because it's worth 5 stars!!

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