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As a food blogger, I'm compelled more than ever to help the restaurants that are struggling to get the word out and bring in traffic so their business stays open. Whether you're a fine dining or hole in the wall restaurant, this pandemic has hit every single business owner. According to Yelp, nearly 160,000 businesses had to shut its door between March-Sept of 2020. This huge setup has put an increased stress on other surviving businesses to try something different. At one point, dine out was allowed for couple of weeks and then it gets shut down. Some counties are allowed dine in/out while others are takeout only. Every month the rules and regulations change and it's difficult for restaurant owners to just kick back and relax. There's an increased fear and uncertainty across every household and most people wondering if they would be able to keep their jobs. Some people take a second job becoming delivery drivers or working a seasonal job.

I've partnered with many restaurants in the past and one thing that the restaurants do not like but are forced to comply with is the fee's associated with 3rd party deliver companies. When a customer places an online delivery app order, the restaurant ends up losing some profit because these delivery companies take a percentage away from the sale. It's better if the customer comes into the restaurant and places an order. This way the restaurant can keep 100% of the sales. Unfortunately, many people stay home and order from a 3rd party app. So next time you are thinking of doing Ubereats or Doordash, remember that you may be hurting the restaurants sale profit. Always tip the staff and support small restaurants.


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As an avid content creator helping both restaurants and businesses to market their food/products on social media, I will be sharing stories and behind the scenes with this community. I'll also be sharing some thoughts on the current situation of so many small businesses that are struggling due to covid. Other subjects that will be shared are recipes and food related post.

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