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Eagle Hills, Brea Neighborhood Christmas Lights


Despite living in Brea for over 10 years, I just found out last week about this small community displaying Christmas lights every year. What should have been a 10 minute drive over to this area from home took over 1 hour. We went on Dec. 22 around 6pm and the traffic was bumper to bumper for a good 1 miles stretch. It was ridiculous and long but I knew this was going to be something worthwhile and special. Prior to covid, this neighboorhood had residents sell pastries and coffee. They would be outside greeting everyone and some houses would have live music. Unfortunately, majority of the visitors just drove through this area which caused more traffic than usual. There were a handful of visitors on bikes or just strolling through but they live close to enough to choose alternatives way of browsing in this area.

Google search Eagle Hills, Brea and you'll find the address. Most people would say that visiting this community is better than some of the others in Orange county. There's the Newport bay light display and another one in Dana Point. So many others ones are scattered all over this county but Eagle Hills is free and very relaxing to browse with your family. Definitely check this place out over the Holidays.

Quarantine Christmas forced families and relatives to celebrate through Facetime or Zoom. This years Holiday just came and left without saying good bye. But I was glad that the residents at Eagle Hills took their time to put up some cheerful Christmas lights to bring some Holiday spirit alive! It was really nice to go for a drive and spend some time inside Eagle Hills this year. It's a must visit for the whole family!

I love how each house had a different theme. This house above looks to be a Grinch Christmas! So cute and fun to look at, isn't it? Couple houses did the Disney theme while others were more traditional. You can watch the full video on my Youtube channel: Please subscribe!! I also have a clip on my Instagram: Missfoodaddict

Sorry for the blurry pictuers but I only took clips of videos and had to screen shot for these pictures. Don't let these poor quality pictures deter you from visiting Eagle Hills though. My video on Youtube would give you a better idea on what to expect on your next visit. The only part that is missing is all that stuff that went on before 2020 which I even missed. Hopefully, things will get back to normal in 2021 and we can once again celebrate birthdays and holidays without having to worry about getting sick.


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As an avid content creator helping both restaurants and businesses to market their food/products on social media, I will be sharing stories and behind the scenes with this community. I'll also be sharing some thoughts on the current situation of so many small businesses that are struggling due to covid. Other subjects that will be shared are recipes and food related post.

Brea, CA

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