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Driving towards Old Town Orange, I noticed this antique shop close by where I parked my car. I'm not a huge an of antiques but from the outside of the store, it looked magical. The minute I walked into this store, there was something whimsical in the air. They did an excellent job with the lighting and the overall layout of the entire store. I wasn't expecting this store to be this big and the layout felt like I was walking through an IKEA store! Each booth had a different theme and layout. For the most part, you might feel overwhemled with so much things lying around as you walk into each booth area. If you are like me and love browsing items one by one, you'd easier spend at least 30 minutes just walking around this store. One of the favorite items I came across is this old typewriter and telephone. I actually remember having both of these during my early elementary years! Ok, that just made me feel super old to even know how to use these things! I should've kept my old typewriter and phone. There's something about these items that makes you feel so nostalgic and happy. It really makes you stop and appreciate the simple things we've once used to enhance our lives.

You will find couple of items that are brand new. But i would say 80 perfect of the products are antique and used. It's not cheap because some of the items hold value. You'll see holiday decorations and the prices seem reasonable too.

Have you seen these camera from the early 70-80's? They also have utility knifes, dishes, silverware, record players and home essentials. The price may be a bit steep but if you're a whole fan of antiques and country themed items, check out this place.

So the next time you visit old town Orange, stop by Country Roads Antique!


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