A Simple Guide To A Perfect Solo Date.

Miss Mulei

I have been going on solo dates, for the past 6 years, since I am single but I look at it as a self-care practice.

So here are some ideas that you can do when you can finally leave the house.

  1. Go For a Movie: I used to do this more often than not. You can also create a small movie area in your house, with homemade popcorn and any current Netflix, movie showing.

2. Spa Day: Go to the spa, get a facial, a full body massage. I am working on a post where you can create your own home spa experience.

3. Go on A Hike/ Bike Ride on a Trail: This is something to get your blood pumping, plus it is also good for your health.

4. Go Rock Climbing: This is something, I want a personal experience. Especially indoor rock climbing, then possibly graduate to an outdoor one.

5. Lunch or Dinner Date: This will give you an excuse to dress up and enjoy a lovely dinner or lunch by yourself. Try out that, a new restaurant you have been meaning to try out.

6. Shopping Trip: Retail therapy is a real thing, and it is beneficial to one's self-care plus it does take the mind off some things. Plus you get a few new outfits in the process.

7. Visit a Museum or a Park: I love re-learning, some history that I have learned in high school and may have forgotten

8. Go to Art Shows: I haven't been to any since my city rarely, hosts some for me to attend. But I would totally attend one since I am an art lover and appreciate art mediums, which I can't do.

I did say that solo dates are a form of self-care if you would like to know more about self-care and what you can do to practice some self-care read the following posts below.

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