Fast Draw in the Military: A Practical Pistol Martial Art!

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Earlier, we talked about the martial art fast draw, a martial art that is about drawing a pistol quickly for combat but also using a pistol as an improvised club/ melee weapon. We talked about this martial art in the form of an article as well as a YouTube video. This particular martial art was based on combat in the Wild West during the frontier era of the United States of America as a country & many cowboys alive during the era practiced this martial art in case they ever had to fight in self-defense on the frontier trail.

One of the things we did not talk about is how practical the fast draw martial art is. While it might not seem that practical to the untrained eye, it is something that can be used in a lot of real-life combat situations. In fact, it is so useful that fast draw is taught and used in the military and in various different police departments. This makes sense because draw speed and being able to quickly pull out a pistol can be important in a deadly force situation and being able to use your pistol in a melee combat situation even if you can't fire the weapon is also very helpful.

Learning how to fast draw and use a pistol as both a club for hand-to-hand as well as shoot quickly & accurately is a very difficult skill to learn, but it is something that a dedicated enough martial artist can learn and something that can easily make someone a more effective soldier or law enforcement agent!

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