Making An Altoid Tin Survival Kit with Four Items!

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If you are out trying to survive in the wilderness, it is important to have some items/tools on hand that can make it easier to stay alive when you are stranded in unfamiliar territory. Some very bright survivalists have figured out how to fit a bunch of different items into an Altoids tin in order to have a portable survival kit you can fit in your pocket, but easily take out when you are trapped in the wild.

We at Mint Message have created a short video based on a simple diagram that shows what four items you can fit into an Altoids tin for a simple, easy survival kit you can easily carry in the palm of your hand & easily increase the chance of you making it out of uncharted territories alive!

As shown in the video above, you need four different items for this particular kit. The first is a fixed-blade knife. The knife can be used as a weapon if you have to fight a rabid animal, a digging tool, a sharp blade that can be used to turn wooden sticks & rocks into other tools, or as a device to easily harvest small game or fish.

Then, you can get a small magnesium fire starter that - when you strike it with the knife at the right angle - can be used to produce a fire, something that is incredibly useful when it comes to survival. Next, you need floss or a small length of string that can be used as a makeshift cord, a thin fishing line, or a makeshift clothesline. Finally, you can add a tarp that can be turned into a tent for shelter, a cover to protect tools from the elements or a primitive water collector.

Note: This is about teaching people to create a kit for survival. This is not a promotion and anything in this Altoid Tin Survival Kit can be created at home by anyone who wants a portable kit for survival. Even non-Altoid Tins can be used for the kit, but they are the most well-known portable tins to use for this kind of situation.

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