MeshedMedia: Canadian YouTube Alternative With Monthly Payment System

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It is basically a new startup company with a new video streaming website called Meshed Media. The website for this service is Once again, it is a very new YouTube alternative, much newer than the blockchain-based alternatives that I mentioned before and the alternative AtoPlay I mentioned in a previous story. In fact, the website was recently developed by the company Canadian Wealth, Inc — a business that was specifically designed to help startup companies in Canada get the resources they need to establish their dream businesses. Honestly, it seems pretty good that I can use this story to help bring attention to a startup company in Canada just getting its foot in the door & getting into a market that is already somewhat saturated by YouTube and its non-startup alternatives.

Now, one of the benefits of MeshedMedia is that the platform is generally ad-free. You can watch videos without having to worry about pesky advertisements getting in the way of what you are watching. It is also less censored than YouTube, so you get to worry less about a particular video you are posting to the site being removed for petty reasons. Now granted, you can still have videos removed for posting content that promotes hate, harassment, any form of online bullying, spam content, scams made to make people give up their hard-earned money to untrustworthy actors, threats against other people, stealing copyrighted material with no altercations, impersonating others or child endangerment. Now, the reason MeshedMedia can do this is that they offer membership to help support creators and help make their platform good. This membership only costs about $9.99 a month and it is what will allow you to watch videos ad-free. You can still watch certain videos on the platform without a membership, but this membership gives you full access to the site. Now the point of this membership is that what you pay for the membership is put into MeshedMedia’s Creators Fund which allows the site to pay content creators without solely being dependent on ads and advertisers for having content be monetized. The membership basically allows people joining the platform to help creators get a steady source of revenue and post any content that meets the website’s guidelines without having to worry about getting demonetized because they didn’t meet the standards of certain advertisers. According to, the average content creator can expect about $4 to $16 per 1000 views which is generally more than the average video monetization platform or how much the average YouTube channel makes from revenue. In fact, 96.5% of YouTube creators do not make money that goes above the United States poverty line (in fact, these YouTubers make less than $12140 a year, which is what is considered the federal poverty line according to the US government), so the average YouTube will make a lot less than a moderately successful creator on MeshedMedia.

According to the About Us Page, all content on MeshedMedia is monetized, so anything accepted on the platform can potentially make you money over time! Now, I have just gotten started on MeshedMedia and only uploaded three videos, but I have gotten two followers and one day & things seem to be going well! I am having trouble verifying myself over SMS, but I have submitted a ticket about this issue and I will update this story if that issue gets resolved. I will also post updates about this particular YouTube alternative as time goes on.

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