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TikTok has been banned in many places around the world with the nation of France banning TikTok on government employees' phones recently (while also banning the recreational use of Twitter and Instagram on government employee phones) and the entire nation of India has banned the app across the country, allowing for some other India-based short-form platforms like Chingari to be able to thrive. All of this had led to certain content creators and people questioning if some similar form of the ban could potentially happen in the United States of America. There is talk with the government about a potential TikTok ban that has led to many American content creators looking for alternative platforms to put their materials on.

Because of this, one of those alternatives content creators are looking for is Triller. Triller is a video-sharing app mostly for short-form videos that has actually been around since the year two thousand nineteen. Now, Triller has positioned itself as a viable alternative to TikTok by including a bunch of similar features like editing tools for your videos, the ability to set music from a library to your short-form videos, and sharing your video content with a brought audience.

Triller has also been actively courting people who are on TikTok by offering incentives like cash bonuses and partnerships if they switch. Currently, Triller sees over seven hundred million interactions monthly and this number is on the rise. Triller is popular in India as well as growing popularity in the United States since it is based out of Los Angeles as a U.S.-company with practically no direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party like TikTok.

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