Google says fewer employees will get promotions to senior positions

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The tech giant Google has slowed the rate at which it is hiring new people and - at the same time - is telling its employees that fewer individuals working there will be promoted to senior positions in the company. All of this was said in an email to the employees this Monday which stated "The process is manager-led and will be largely similar to last year — though with our slower pace of hiring, we are planning for fewer promotions into L6 and above than when Google was growing quickly. If your manager believes that you are ready to be promoted, they will nominate you." Usually, the layer of staff considered to be senior in Google are those who have about a decade of experience with the tech giant.

All of this is happening as Google decides to implement a new performance review system for the company known as Google Reviews and Development. This particular new system is much stricter than the previous one & has led to far more Google employees getting low-performance ratings and fewer receiving high marks than they used to. In another portion of the email sent to employees, it was stated that these measures were being put into place " to ensure that the number of Googlers in more senior and leadership roles grows in proportion to the growth of the company."

All of this comes after the issue that happened in January for Google where the company announced that it would be cutting about twelve thousand positions at the company which accounted for about six percent of Google's workforce.

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