YouTuber Zach King Share Results of 1 Month of Shorts Monetization

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Last month, YouTube has begun its long-awaited Shorts revenue share program that makes it possible for people to be able to start earning money from their YouTube shorts the same way that long-form YouTubers are able to earn money from their longer videos. All of this comes from earning pools of revenue that are generated via Shorts ads, then redistributes at least half of the money earned from the advertisements to Shorts creators based on factors like view counts, eligibility, and other factors.

While not perfect, this funding model is considered to be far more sustainable & equitable than the earner shorts creator fund program that was being run. This fund program was problematic since it ended up leading to inconsistent payouts and declining portions of a static amount of money that was supposed to be spread out across almost all Shorts creators. While this should be a great model, there are various different creators that are sharing how much they have been earning to give out an idea of what people can expect if they decide they are going to go forth with monetizing their YouTube short channels.

One of these creators is Zach King, a creator who - after a month - got over one hundred ninety-six million views from his shorts and took home about $2918 US Dollars for the month of February. Here is how Mr. King further goes into the issue of monetization on YouTube:

“When I look at almost 197 Million views in a month, I don’t look at the payout I get from the platform, I look at exposure and what my CPM and cost were to get those views. Right now it’s extremely low cost when comparing to the exposure, which is why it’s not about the payout, it’s about brand building. My guess is YT monetization will slowly go up over the years and favor creators, but exposure and numbers like this will be more difficult to achieve.” - YouTuber Zach King

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