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ICON and BIG Reveal Design for El Cosmico 3D-Printer Campground Hotel in Marfa, Texas

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Hospitality expert Liz Lambert has announced a collaboration with ICON and BIG. For those who do not know much about ICON, it is a business and an office that worked to pioneer large-scale 3D printing in order to create things like buildings, houses, and other large structures that most would think are impossible to do with 3D printers. Meanwhile, BIGBjarke Ingels Group is a group of architects, designers, and builders operating out of Copenhagen and New York City. Through the power of massive 3D printing, this expert and her business partners are working to rebuild El Cosmico, a campground hotel in Marfa, Texas. This entire project is being built on a sixty-two-acre plot where a lot of the hotel will be created with 3D printing elements such as domes, vaults, and parabolic forms. This particular hotel will also include a pool, spa, and shared communal facilities that will be created with the help of 3D printing.

This project is expected to break ground sometime next year. The teams have shown how good they are when it comes to creating 3D-printed architecture by creating a 3D-printed performance pavilion in the city of Austin, Texas. That particular venture included the creation of gathering spaces for the community of downtown Austin and a landmark for cultural events.

"The truly unique and divergent architectures made possible by 3D printing are really just beginning. One of the great joys of ICON is putting our technology into the hands of great creatives and seeing what possibilities emerge." said Jason Ballard, the co-founder, and CEO of ICON

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