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Urban Farming and Raising Your Own Chickens

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We at Mint Message have written stories about growing dandelions and mushrooms and other items as a way to make yourself more self-sufficient as well as give yourself a good or service to offer your neighbors. Now, however, we have a mainstream outlet in San Diego, California is suggesting how people can be able to be more self-sufficient by raising chickens. It is mentioned by Fox5 in San Diego specifically because there is currently a nationwide egg shortage in the United States. What are people supposed to do for their eggs? Well, many people in San Diego are looking to raise chickens in the comfort of their own backyard in order to get some delicious chicken eggs. Farming fresh eggs may be easier than many people think and this has led to many people - even those living in urban areas that are traditionally bad for farming - giving chicken rearing a try.

You don't have to worry about the law cracking down on people in San Diego either. The city even reminded residents that urban farming is permitted under Municipal Code Section 42.0709, so the law should not be doing anything to stop you even if you live in a municipality. There are some limits though as most homes are allowed up to five chickens in a chicken coop in the backyard.

This can give you plenty of eggs. In fact, a healthy adult hen generally lays up to three hundred eggs a year. Five hens generally give thirty eggs a week and chicken manure can be added to compost or used as fertilizer for the lawn or a local garden. All of these things can be benefits for the people of California and the rest of the nation in places where urban chicken farming is allowed!

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