Avian flu outbreak wipes out millions of U.S. Birds

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Things have not been going well currently for birds of the United States. The disease known as the Avian flu has led to a lot of problems for the birds of our country. According to NBC News, the Avian flu has wiped out fifty million five hundred forty thousand birds in America this year. This information comes from the USDA - or the United States Department of Agriculture for those who do not want to use the acronym - and according to the organization, this is the deadliest outbreak of Avian flu in the history of the US dealing with the disease. The death of many chickens, turkeys, and various other birds represents the worst United States animal health disaster that our nation has seen to date, topping the previous record of fifty million five hundred birds dying from the virus back in 2015.

"Wild birds continue to spread HPAI throughout the country as they migrate, so preventing contact between domestic flocks and wild birds is critical to protecting U.S. poultry,” stated Rosemary Sifford, the chief veterinary officer for the USDA.

Because of how the Avian flu works, birds are often killed by the disease after they become infected, and sometimes, entire flocks at egg-laying farms have to be culled to try to control the spread of the disease after a bird tests positive. Losses of poultry flocks have helped to cause the price for eggs and turkey meat to go up in America, which is worsening the economic issues people are facing due to inflation and corporate greed during this Thanksgiving weekend.

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