Slap fighting is approved as a sport in Nevada

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There is now a new sport that is becoming official in a certain part of the United States of America called slap fighting. Yes, it is exactly like you would imagine the sport to be: an event where opponents smack each other back and forth until one of the opponents is knocked down or finally yields when they wish not to be slapped anymore. In the Silver State - ie. Nevada - and in the "Entertainment Capital of the World" Las Vegas, slap fighting is about to become a popular regulated sport. The Nevada State Atheltic Commission unanimously approved slap-fighting last Tuesday & because of this decision, the state has vetted slap-fighting to make sure it will have oversight, safety measures, and some proper rules to ensure this sport is being properly practiced in the first place - including medical personnel being on site just in case things get too furious.

“It’s unique, and to grow the business in Nevada. I think’s fantastic. That’s what we’re here to do. As long as it’s regulated because it looks pretty fierce. You hear those slaps, it is like palpable and you go, ‘Oh my god.’ I certainly don’t want to be on the receiving end." said Stephen Cloobeck, the man who is the chair of the Nevada Commission.

Part of the reason why all of this was approved was because of an argument presented by Schiaffo LLC, a company managed by UFC President Dana White, for treating slap-fighting as an official sport. As a representative of this sport stated to the Commission "This is something that’s been around now for a number of years. It’s gone sort of viral on the internet in different ways, not dissimilar from what we’ve done with UFC."

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