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Antischism: Anarcho-punk Band of South Carolina

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Here we have another anarcho-punk band that made the rounds spreading a message of liberation through their music and vocals. This particular band is mentioned in the book One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility by Zack Furness published by Temple University Press: a university press for peer-reviewed books part of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, Zack provides information on this little-known band and their short but interesting history of spreading their music across the United States. Hopefully, this article will also hope to give this band a little more exposure for those who are interested in anarcho-punk music.

Back in the year 1988, a new band came into being in the American South based around the spirit of anarcho-punk music and new forms of punk rock that had yet to hit the mainstream at the time. This band was known as Antischism and it formed in the city of Columbia, South Carolina. The band's bread and butter was traditional anarcho-punk and crust punk: a derivative of anarcho-punk. However, these were not the only genres of music you could get from the band. The band was also into hardcore punk: a part of the punk genre that is characterized by a faster, harder, and much more aggressive form of punk music. Another genre of music this band provided is power violence: a fast genre of hardcore punk closely related to thrashcore music.

Antischism first played their music from 1988 to 1991 before the band broke up. However, the band members met up in Austin, Texas in 1993 and continued to play music for two years before the band broke up again. During this time, they played for various record labels and released several albums like one called Still Life which got three and a half stars out of five on

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