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Small Circle Jujitsu: An American Martial Art

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Wally Jay1999 Jujitsu America Convention in San Mateo, CA.

When most people think about martial arts, they generally think of the different fighting styles that trace their origins back to some portion of Asia (like kung-fu, karate, and taekwondo) or Europe (like fencing and greek wrestling), and the Middle East (like Egyptian swordplay and the Ottoman combat sport Matrak). However, few people might think about the modern United States of America as the origin of various different useful forms of combat. However, various different martial arts can trace their origins to the United States of America and be pretty effective for teaching people how to protect themselves from aggressors.

One of those martial arts is an interesting fighting style that was invented by a great Asian American named Wally Jay. This man is a martial artist and if you want to have any idea of how good he is, all you really need to know is that this man trained Bruce Lee himself in the art of jujutsu! This was a man who knew his stuff when it came to martial arts and hand-to-hand combat! So eventually, he ended up doing something plenty of martial arts masters before him have done: he created his own unique fighting style in order to teach it to others!

This fighting style is the martial art called Small Circle Jujitsu, a hybrid form of combat that acts as a fusion of judo, boxing, and the Danzan-ryu school of jujutsu. It is based around ten core principles:

  1. Balance
  2. Mobility and Stability
  3. Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
  4. Mental Resistance and Distraction
  5. Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
  6. Energy Transfer
  7. Create a Base
  8. Sticking Control and Sensitivity
  9. Rotational Momentum
  10. Transitional Flow

Various places around the country still teach this martial art and there are programs about small circle jujitsu on the website On top that, there are some videos on YouTube you can watch to at least help someone get started who might be interested in this particular type of combat.

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