Vaccine Rollout in Crisis: Florida's Surgeon General Challenges CDC's Latest Move

Minha D.

Amid the rollout of the updated COVID-19 vaccine, Florida's surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has raised serious concerns about its safety and efficacy.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Dr. Ladapo criticized the CDC's recommendation for the vaccine, highlighting the absence of clinical trials and potential risks associated with the new shot.

Questioning Vaccine Safety: Unsubstantiated Recommendations and Absence of Trials

Dr. Ladapo expressed skepticism about the CDC's recommendation, emphasizing the lack of clinical trials for the updated vaccine.

He pointed out that neither Pfizer nor Moderna were compelled to conduct trials, a decision he finds deeply troubling.

According to him, the absence of evidence-based research raises major concerns about the vaccine's safety and its potential impact on individuals, especially young men.

Risks and Controversies: Spike Proteins and Negative Effectiveness

The Florida surgeon general highlighted several potential risks associated with the new vaccine. He discussed the presence of spike proteins in individuals' bodies months after vaccination, raising questions about the vaccine's long-term effects.

Additionally, he mentioned the phenomenon of "negative effectiveness," where contact between vaccinated individuals might reduce the vaccine's efficacy. Dr. Ladapo strongly criticized the CDC and FDA for not pausing to address these concerns before endorsing the vaccine.

A Call for Caution: Prioritizing Safe Medications and Individual Health

Dr. Ladapo advocated for individual health and safety, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before accepting the new vaccine. He urged people to focus on maintaining good health and taking safe medications, rather than hastily opting for a vaccine lacking sufficient clinical evidence.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • Do you trust the updated COVID-19 vaccine despite the absence of clinical trials?
  • Should health agencies have conducted trials before recommending the vaccine?
  • What impact might the presence of spike proteins have on long-term health?
  • Are you concerned about the potential decrease in vaccine effectiveness due to "negative effectiveness"?

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