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Florida Man Shatters Record For The Longest Time Spent Underwater: Plans To Continue His Underwater Stay!

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A university professor in Florida has broken the record for the longest duration living underwater without depressurization.
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Joseph Dituri, also known as "Dr. Deep Sea," has been residing at Jules' Undersea Lodge, located in a 30-foot-deep lagoon in Key Largo since March 1. Despite surpassing the previous record of 73 days, Dituri plans to continue his underwater stay until June 9 as part of an ambitious mission called Project Neptune 100.

This endeavor combines medical and ocean research with educational outreach, aimed at promoting ocean preservation.

A New Underwater Record

Joseph Dituri has broken the record for the longest time living underwater without resurfacing. He achieved this feat at Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, surpassing the previous record of 73 days.

A Mission Beyond the Record

Rather than merely settling for the record, Dituri is determined to extend his underwater stay until June 9. This milestone marks 100 days and signifies the completion of Project Neptune 100, an undertaking that encompasses medical and ocean research along with educational outreach.

Exploring Science and Ocean Preservation

Dituri's extended stay at the underwater lodge allows him to conduct daily experiments in physiology, observing the human body's response to prolonged exposure to extreme pressure.

Moreover, his mission involves educating and inspiring others through online classes and broadcast interviews, reaching thousands of students, and promoting the importance of marine science and ocean conservation.


Joseph Dituri's groundbreaking underwater residency in Florida has surpassed the previous record, and he continues to push boundaries by staying submerged until June 9. Project Neptune 100 combines scientific research, educational outreach, and a mission to raise awareness about ocean conservation.

Through his remarkable endeavor, Dituri aims to underscore the significance of protecting our world's oceans.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about Joseph Dituri's record-breaking underwater stay? Do you believe extended stays underwater can contribute to scientific discoveries and environmental awareness? How important is it to raise awareness about ocean conservation and marine science education? Would you consider staying underwater for such an extended period of time?

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