Walmart's Self-Checkout Machines Have A Compartment That Can Make Shopping More Convenient!

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Walmart's self-checkout machines have always been a convenient option for customers who want to avoid long queues at the billing counter.

However, it seems that many customers were not aware of a hidden compartment on these machines that could make their checkout process even smoother. In this article, we will discuss this little-known hack that could save you time and help you avoid putting coins in the machine one by one.

The Hidden Compartment Hack:

A shopper named Amy Whitsel Johnson recently shared a TikTok video that revealed the hidden compartment on Walmart's self-checkout machines. In the video, she showed her visually impaired son lifting the coin slot on the machine, which exposed a larger coin drop opening. Amy explained that people don't know that they can put a handful of coins into the machine at one time, instead of putting them in one by one.

Amy's son demonstrated that shoppers can also put more than one bill in the machine at a time, depending on how many they have. He fed a stack of dollar bills into the register, and the machine quickly pulled them in one by one.

Reaction to the Hack:

Amy's video received over 1,100 likes on TikTok, and several users commented on it. Some users said that the hack also works well if you don't want to use Coinstar, which charges a fee for counting your coins.

However, one user said that the self-checkout machine doesn't count change correctly. Amy replied that it drops a few coins but counts them right. Another user said that the machine is only for the store to reload it, and they yell at you if you use it. However, Amy said that she uses it all the time.


Walmart's self-checkout machines are a convenient option for shoppers who want to avoid long queues at the billing counter. With the hidden compartment hack, customers can make their checkout process even smoother by putting a handful of coins and bills into the machine at one time.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you ever used Walmart's self-checkout machines? How was your experience? Were you aware of the hidden compartment hack before reading this article?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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