The Demise of Walmart: Retail Giant Shuts Down Multiple Stores Across US, Leaving Customers Without Affordable Groceries

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Walmart, the largest retailer in the US, has been closing stores across several states.

The closures come after Walmart CEO Doug McMillon warned that theft is a growing issue that the company has to tackle or else prices will increase, and stores will close. This article provides a full list of Walmart stores that have already been shut down and explains the reasons behind the closures. We will also discuss the potential impact of these store closures on the communities they served, as well as the larger trend of the retail apocalypse.

Walmart Store Closures:

Several Walmart stores have been closed across the US. In Guilford, Connecticut, the Boston Post Road location has been shut down, along with the Howell Mill Road location in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Raggard Road location in Louisville, Kentucky. The Waterworks Shopping Center location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Lincolnwood location in Chicago, Illinois, have also been shuttered.

Additionally, the Plainfield location in Chicago, Illinois, the San Mateo Boulevard SE location in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Homewood location in Chicago, Illinois, will close on March 10.

Reasons Behind The Closures:

The San Mateo Boulevard location is closing due to poor performance, while the Homewood location is shutting down because it didn't meet Walmart's financial expectations.

The Howell Mill Road and Vine City locations in Atlanta were closed in December 2022 because of fires that were started deliberately. Although the Vine City location has since reopened, the Howell Mill Road location will remain closed permanently.

Retail Apocalypse And Impact On Communities:

Walmart isn't the only retailer affected by the so-called "retail apocalypse," where retailers face increasing challenges such as theft, changing consumer preferences, and the rise of e-commerce. Other retailers, such as Target, have also experienced difficulties, and some experts believe that the consumer market is weaker than previously thought.

The closures have been met with concerns from residents who relied on Walmart's affordable prices and extensive inventory. Some fear that the closures could lead to food deserts, as Walmart's budget-friendly options and grocery products are often the only affordable source of food in some areas.


The recent Walmart store closures across the US have sparked concerns about the state of retail and its impact on communities. The company cited theft as a significant issue, which, if not addressed, could lead to higher prices and more store closures. The closures have left many customers without a reliable and affordable source of groceries, with some fearing that they may soon experience food deserts. This situation has raised questions about the future of retail and its place in the community.

What Are Your Thoughts?

How have Walmart's closures impacted your community? Do you believe that theft is a significant issue that retailers have to address? Why or why not? What do you think is the future of retail, given the challenges it is facing today?

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