How To Write A Better Headline Fast.


As you’re probably aware, headlines are really, really important. It’s the reason you clicked on this article. If you master the art of great headlines, be it on Medium, on your website, your emails or any of your other marketing communications, then that can help boost marketing results, massively. And if you have some poor headlines on your website and your emails and your other marketing communications, then that can have quite the opposite effect.

So how do you write a good headline? Well, there are all kinds of techniques, but the best technique is actually the simplest technique to use. And it’s this, make sure your headline communicates a benefit. It’s that simple.

Make sure your headline communicates a benefit in some way

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are a trainer, a corporate trainer, and you specialize in soft skills. And one of your programs is a workshop that helps corporate employees deal with difficult people and difficult situations. So you’re writing a headline for your service description on your website.

You could have a headline that goes like this, Three Steps to Diffusing Difficult Situations in the Workplace. That is a very simple, benefit-oriented headline because it communicates a benefit. It tells the reader in the simplest terms that if I read this web page, I am going to get this benefit. I’m going to get this three-step strategy for dealing with difficult people in the workplace or difficult situations in the workplace. So that’s an example of a very simple benefit headline.

Another headline you could try is a more clever headline. You could have a headline like this, Unleash the Goofiness Within. Now, if you had a headline like that, Unleash the Goofiness Within, it might gain attention. It might work, but it might not. It’s like rolling the dice.

And you have to ask yourself to your readers and your prospects. Do they have time to decipher what those headlines all about? Even if it is clever, so Unleash the Goofiness Within may not be a good headline for you. It doesn’t communicate a benefit. It doesn’t say to the reader that they’re going to get something or accomplish something or solve a problem if they read that article.

So communicate a benefit with your headlines! And by the way, you can do both. You can combine a clever headline with a benefit headline and get the best of both worlds. You can have a main headline that says Unleash the Goofiness Within, and you can have a strong subhead on that headline that says Three Steps to Diffusing Difficult Situations in the Workplace. Now you have the best of both worlds.

Now you’re communicating a clear benefit. You have cleverness mixed in there as well. But all things being equal, choose headlines that communicate a benefit. When you do, then you increase your chances of getting better results with your marketing. So that’s how to write a better headline, which, by the way, is a headline, a good headline too, because it communicates a benefit. You’re learning how to write up better headlines.

So, what’s the best headline that made it impossible not to click?

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