US Marine who criticized Afghanistan Withdrawal on Video, "17 years of honorable service goes bad with one choice"

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After praising Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller's 17-year 'outstanding' service record, Judge Colonel Glen Hines read his decision. "Scheller's service record was outstanding before this one month of conduct. I don't think I've seen an officer consistently in, as we say, the top three blocks of the Christmas tree. He was on a consistent upward path. However, those who deviate from standards have to be held accountable." said Judge Hines.

Scheller's posts demanded Pentagon leaders be held accountable for the chaos that led to the Taliban taking lightning control of Afghanistan after President Joe Biden's withdrawal announcement and the eventual deaths of 13 US service members and 170 Afghans from suicide bomb attacks at Kabul airport on August 16th.

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller has been ordered to receive a letter of reprimand and forfeit pay over his viral, online attacks on generals he blamed for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"I am standing here today pleading guilty. This is me accepting accountability. But it deeply pains me that my senior leaders are incapable of being as courageous."

Scheller, awarded the Bronze Star for multiple tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, was subdued as he walked into the courtroom alone after telling media outside: "I feel good about everything I said. I was never charged with a false official statement. Because everything I have said is true."
Scheller walking to court. -Daily Mail

Scheller has admitted six charges and will lose $5,000 of his monthly pay for six months and receive a reprimand. The charges are contempt toward officials, disrespect toward the superior commissioned officers, willfully disobeying superior commissioned officers, dereliction in the performance of duties, failure to obey order or regulation, and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.

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