Ghost Robotics, "robot dogs fire bullets up to a 1200-meter distance"

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It's straight out of the "War of The Worlds" TV series. Set in contemporary France, it's a reimagining of H. G. Wells' classic in the style of The Walking Dead. The killer robot dogs look very similar to the ones that we have now.

Ghost Robotics, a military security firm, is publicly introducing its latest product, a mechanical dog that carries a remote-controlled rifle on its back. The Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (SPUR) has a 6.5mm Creedmore rifle from weapons company SWORD International combined with the quadruped unmanned ground vehicle from the robotics firm.

Seen at the US Army’s annual convention in Washington, reported by The Drive, it's apparently one of the first robotic systems with an actual weapon attached.

Ghost Robotics says that "the robot dog can be commanded to chamber the first round from an unloaded state, clear the chamber, and ‘safeing’ the gun (when the weapon is not cocked and no ammunition is present). It can fire bullets up to a 1200-meter distance."

It is likely the human operators of the robot dog would be able to fire it using an Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), an app that can be installed on tablets and access on-board video cameras. It is also possible it could use artificial intelligence to detect and “lock on” to potential targets, although a human operator may be ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger.

This year we saw the U.S. Air Force deploy “robot dogs” to defend its perimeters during a recent field test, The Drive reports.

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