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Sunrise Cafe in Yellow Springs Review

Mikey Chlanda
E's breakfast -eggs, bacon, biscuit, and home friesMikey Chlanda, author

When I first moved to Yellow Springs in the late 1970s to go to college, there was a little luncheonette called Dick and Tom’s after the two brothers that started it. Calling it a greasy spoon doesn't do it justice.

Dick still ran it with his wife Babs when I arrived on the scene. Coffee was 35 cents, with unlimited refills. A tuna salad sandwich was something like a buck ninety-five, a burger was 2.50. They did charge you fifteen cents for the privilege of ordering grilled onions on your burger.

Umpteen years later, it’s gone more upscale. It’s now called Sunrise Cafe, with mid-scale prices. We both had a basic breakfast.

I ordered the classic, which comes with three eggs made your way, sausage or bacon, and toast. I ordered rye - there are so few places that still offer rye, so my ranking of the restaurants that do offer rye goes up about 27 points. The eggs were okay. I ordered scrambled eggs, but they were run-of-the-mill, not bad, but not knock your socks off either. The rye was as I remember the average deli in NYC served. The nitrate-free bacon was nice and chewy.

E ordered a variation of the basic breakfast. She got scrambled eggs, bacon, a biscuit, and home fries. The scrambled eggs were okay, the bacon was good - she loves the chewy bacon! The home fries were good but greasy. The cook was a little heavy on the oil on that one. The biscuit was weird - we were expecting the traditional biscuit, as in biscuits and gravy. It was not.

I am not sure what kind of flour they used - it looked like whole wheat, but it didn’t taste like it. They should mention on the menu that it’s not the traditional biscuit and just what it is made of.

Service was a little slow, but they were understaffed, so certainly understandable. It’s a small place, only about 8 tables of 4, so lines are common. Only one table looks available for larger parties. The wait at primetime can be 45 minutes to an hour or longer.

We’ve eaten lunch there a few times and again, the sandwiches were good, not great.

Bottom line? If you’re already in Yellow Springs and there’s no line at Sunrise, it’s a decent place to eat. But it’s not worth a drive or waiting 45 minutes. There are plenty of other dining options available in Yellow Springs.
Mikey's breakfast - eggs with salsa, rye toast, and baconMikey Chlanda, author

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