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Denver contributor round-up: Alice in Wonderland-themed pop-up bar, return of Denver's e-bike rebate program and more

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Everyone knows where to find the big headlines and the front page stories, but each week I like to focus on highlighting some pieces by NewsBreak's Contributor Network that are worth checking out in case they didn't end up on your feed.

This week we're looking forward to drinks at the 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed pop-up bar at Zeppelin Station, getting in line for Denver's e-bike rebate program and stretching our legs in preparation for the potential decriminalization of jaywalking in the city. Here are a handful of stories you may have missed over the last week:

Alice in Wonderland-themed bar returns to Denver
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Why we love this: Pop-up bars are always fun, and you typically don't need to be the biggest fan of the theme to enjoy the festivities. Contributor Brittany Anas details the return of an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed pop-up bar to Denver at Zeppelin Station. It's promising an "immersive cocktail experience" with riddles, craft teapot cocktails and tons of photo-ops. The 90-minute tea party only costs $40.

Denver’s e-bike program returns as Polis pushes for more EVs statewide
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Why we love this: Denver's e-bike program is a great way to save, and the incentive program is returning at the end of the month to offer rebates up to $1,400. This piece by contributor Matt Whittaker runs through the various rebate offers and timeline for the program's release dates. He also dives into Gov. Jared Polis' amended budget request that includes expanded electric vehicle rebates.

Colorado avalanche danger high heading into holiday weekend
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Why we love this: While we don't love avalanches, we do appreciate a good warning. And contributor Sara B. Hansen does exactly that, citing the Colorado Avalanche Information Center and its suggestion to be extra careful when skiing or snowboarding this holiday weekend. Specifically citing an "unstable snowpack" due to recent heavy snowstorms, Hansen points out that the state has had 870 avalanches, which have buried nine people and killed four. Be careful out there!

Denver Airport travelers tried to bring guns, fuel and a sword through TSA
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Why we love this: Because let's face it, we all panic when we get to front of the security line and worry that we left that slightly-too-big bottle of shampoo in our carry-on or that tiny corkscrew keychain is going to be misinterpreted as a deadly weapon. But contributor Heather Willard reminds us that TSA has much bigger fish to fry. The article points out the hundreds of mishaps by travelers, who attempted (whether on purpose or by accident) to get their sword cane, inert grenade, hatchet or firearm through airport security, and failed. We thank TSA and Willard for reminding us that we're not the problem.

Denver City Council may decriminalize jaywalking
Photo by(Chris Barbalis/Unsplash)

Why we love this: Raise your hand if you've ever jaywalked. Now everyone put your hands down and check out this piece by contributor David Heitz, who reports on the Denver City Council's upcoming decision on whether or not to decriminalize jaywalking. The proposed bill is not to eliminate the crime completely, but it cites data that shows a large number of tickets go to people of color and people experiencing homelessness. The proposal was advanced to a full City Council meeting for further discussion.

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