Expected New Features In Apple Watch Series 8

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We are still away from the launching of the Apple watch series 8, but various rumors are going on about the recent design changes and new sensors addition for the series 8 watch. I want to see changes in Apple Watch Series 8, which are pending for a long time.

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Design and size options

The design of the Apple watch series 8 will look similar to watch series 7, but it will come in 3 sizes instead of 2. Apple will give 41 to 45mm size options. It is good news for the people who like to wear watches of larger sizes.

Apple changed the round edges of the iPhone to flat edges. There are rumors in the market, Apple will make a series 8 watch with flat edges. I don’t know, will Apple take it seriously or not? I like round edges, especially for Apple watches.

Changes in the Designing of Apple watches will be according to what users want. Nobody will go to wear a watch with flat edges! (Just imagine).

Rugged Apple watch

According to Bloomberg, Apple is going to launch a rugged version of the watch which will help athletes, swimmers, and mountain trekkers who use it in adverse conditions.

Apple will make watches that will be more resistant to external heat and adverse climate conditions. It will give you the functionality that is the same as the current standard app which users use for the office.

Possible health sensors

Many people use the Apple watch for tracking their heartbeats, steps, and other health parameters. Health-conscious people love to use Apple watches. Apple is working on several features, like,

  1. Sleep tracking
  2. diabetes detection
  3. Thermometer for fertility
  4. sleep apnea detection

a) Temperature sensor

There are rumors that Apple will add temperature sensing features for tracking sleep, body temperature, and thermometer fertility. It would be a useful feature during covid-19, to check body temperature daily.

According to Bloomberg, there is no clear whether Apple will add this feature.

b) Car accident detection feature

Apple is trying to add this feature to both iPhone and watches which help to save the lives of people in car accidents. It will use sensors like accelerometers when they occur by measuring the spike in the gravitational force.

When a car accident will happen, iPhone or Apple watch will dial an emergency number and the person will get medical help as soon as possible. It will help to save many lives.

Apple watches series 8 will get many features, which are helpful to users. Apple is trying to make Apple watches more reliable for users. The rugged Apple watch is the center of attraction for many Apple users. The addition of a temperature sensor will help track temperature in the current pandemic situation. Overall, changes are going to be user-friendly.

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