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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Read this article to gain knowledge. Take help from your financial adviser.

The side hustle has changed my life. It helped me from turning off Game of thrones web series on my mobile to writing on a keyboard.

For money-making resources, traditional jobs do not beat inflation. They scale up your income at the initial phase of your career, but after that, you’ll get less payment from the Industry you work in.

Learn skills

Your income is directly proportional to the product of time and skill you have.

Income= Time* skill + Time* skill + Time *skill

The more skills you have, the more money you make. If you want to make more money, then learn more skills. 

Treat time like money

I think more about my bill, when I order pizza online. But I never think about time while playing video games or watching web series. When I write, I make money. They can be in cents. I’m able to extract cash from my time. When you treat time as money, you end up making money.

Try to invest in yourself

I believe self-investment is the best practice. When we invest in courses or take coaching from mentors about our side-hustle, we end up making more money. We hesitate while buying courses, which can help us in our financial freedom, but spend money on shopping and food with no regrets.

Don’t give up

Giving up is the worst thing you can do if you’re working on your side hustle. Giving up means going back to zero. Try to find out why, take a break, start doing it with a different approach. Take help from others. 

You will not get results when you’re starting at first time

When I started writing on this platform, I was not making any money. After writing a substantial amount of time, I’m making a sizable amount.

Whether it is making a video on YouTube or writing on freelancing sites like Upwork, it takes time to build your credibility. When you show up every day, the algorithm detects your presence and starts rewarding you. 

You need to stick to your side hustle and work on it every single day. You may not find success. As time goes on, you’ll see positive results from it.

Your creativity follows the 80–20 rule

On social media platforms, not all articles get views. When you post 80 videos, 15 of them actually make money. All social media platform widely followed this principle. The clue here is consistency.


Passive income is the best way to make money while sleeping. You don’t need to work actively. Passive income takes time. It is like a long-term investment, which gives you a return for a long period.

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