No One Is Winning Russia-Ukraine War

Mike Ortega
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The Russia-Ukraine war was unexpected for the world. After WW2, everyone was living in peace. United Nations was solving issues between countries through discussions. Putin ordered Ukraine invasion and things changed. Common people like you and me are suffering more.

1. Inflation is at its peak

Prices of petrol and gas are increasing. Prices of commodities like gold and silver are at their highest level for this year. War never brings a solution to any problem. Prices of food items like sunflower oil and bread are going to increase because Ukraine is a major producer of wheat and sunflower.

2. Stock market investors have lost their wealth because of the current war situation

My portfolio is in red. Many investors are taking money out of the stock market. This is hampering many businesses. Companies that depend on crude oil are suffering more.

3. Many students cannot go to their countries.

Many Indian students are still waiting for their evacuation. The condition of foreigners in the Ukraine area is critical. Many Indian and Pakistani students are living on limited food supply and going towards the western border of Ukraine.

4. World is fearful of Nuclear weapons

No one wants nuclear war. Everyone is praying for a ceasefire and peace on the Ukraine-Russian border. Nobody wins in Nuclear warfare.


The current warlike situation between Ukraine and Russia is affecting the world as the corona pandemic did. A discussion between the two countries is the only way to stop the war. The United Nations should provide a channel for discussion. War is not a solution to any problem, and both parties need to understand this.

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