Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

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My brother study at Harvard. It is very difficult to get accepted into Harvard. If you are interested in joining Harvard, you need to have a good SAT score. If you are clever and talented like my brother, then you can apply for Harvard.
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This year Harvard has accepted only 5.9% of the applicants, according to the new data released. You can conclude, it is difficult to get into Harvard even after studying hard.

The Ivy League acceptance rate decreasing. 311948 applicants applied for the Ivy League colleges and only 6.78% of the applicants got accepted.

Here is the list of Ivy League acceptance rates.

1. Columbia (3.9%)
2. Harvard (4.0%)
2. Princeton (4.0%)
4. Yale (4.6%)
5. Brown (5.5%)
6. Penn (5.9%)
7. Dartmouth (6.2%)
8. Cornell (8.7%)

The interesting fact here is Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. When new Walmart opened in D. C, for. 600 jobs opening around 23000 had applied. The acceptance rate was only 2.6% which is less than Yale and Brown Universities.

You will argue here that 600 workforce is enough for conducting Walmart business in D. C, but when you compare their acceptance rate, it is far less than Ivy League colleges. Getting admission to Ivy League colleges is difficult because students from all over the world apply for these colleges and you need to compete with top students.

Here, we can conclude that getting a job is more difficult than getting into college. Walmart has shown us how difficult it is to join their organization.

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