Weight Loss Is Possible If You Change Your Lifestyle

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Please visit your doctor or gym trainer if you need any help with weight loss. This article is only for reading and study purposes.

2 weeks ago, my family got a coronavirus infection. In our country, everyone was getting infected with the omicron virus. Despite taking 2 doses of vaccines, my treatment days of the pandemic were painful. I gained a significant amount of weight after getting Covid-19. You can’t lift weights when you got a viral infection. I did it, and I left with continuous body pain for about 8 to 10 days. The doctor advised me not to exercise for at least 15 days. If you exercise in between, your body pain can come back. After getting infected with Covid-19, I didn’t exercise for a month. I was in fear. What if my body pain comes back? I took a rest. I was working from home, still, my company is providing that facility to me.

After taking a long break from meditation and exercising, my weight started increasing. I was ordering pizza daily. I was hardly moving.

I started watching web series and started sleeping late at night. All this resulted in an increase in my weight. I gained about 10 kg of weight within a month.

1. I started out Intermediate Fasting

My eating habits were horrible after taking a break after the coronavirus infection. I was eating crap. I started out with intermediate fasting, having 8 hours eating window, and 16 hours fasting.

Intermediate fasting made magic to my body. Intermediate fasting helped me to lose most of the weight.

Intermediate fasting helps you to burn out fat in the body in a more efficient way. Also, it helps you reduce blood pressure.

2. I started out walking after dinner

After night dinner I started walking at least for 15 minutes. Walking helps you to make digestion fast. Also, you burn some calories. You get a better sleep when you walk after dinner.

3. Replaced pizza with fruits and vegetables

I am a fan of fast food. I gave up fast foods and saturated fats to make myself more healthy and more comfortable.

I have eaten fruits and vegetables instead of drinking tea or coffee to get good health.

Eating fruits and drinking milk gives you vitamins and calcium. Milk makes your bones strong and fruits give you vitamins and boost your immune system.

4. Say no to sugar

Sugar is the primary culprit for weight loss. When you eat more sugar than expected, it produces more insulin and makes blood veins thick, which is harmful to the heart and increases the chances of heart attacks.

I am very careful about sugar consumption. I have stopped eating sugar. After waking up in the morning, I rarely drink tea or coffee, which was an integral part of my morning routine. Instead, I eat apples.

Eating fruits in the morning gives you energy and motivation to achieve your health goals.

Sugar mix directly with blood, which increases the insulin level in the body. It can cause diabetes. Still, I’m trying to overcome my sugar-eating habits.

Eating less sugar helps you to increase mental focus. It helps you to do critical tasks like writing an article or solving a difficult maths problem.

Consuming less sugar has become my life's goal. It will help to become healthy.

5. Started taking less stress

There is a relationship between taking the stress and weight gain. Before the pandemic, when I used to go to the office, I ate more when things went wrong in the office.

When we take stress, we eat more. Stress is our response to the external adversary. Best way to reduce overeating after stressful situations are to take a deep breath. It will help you control your hunger, which is generated by stressful situations.

6. Shut down your device while eating food

Do you have a habit of watching movies or listening to songs during lunch? When you use the device during lunch, you eat more.

I stopped watching web series during lunch and I found it highly effective. It helps me to concentrate on my food. It limits my portion and helps me to chew my food, which helps me to eat less and feel satisfied with my eating.

Final Thoughts

Choosing healthy habits is difficult. You face opposition from your mind. Our environment supports habits that are destructive. I can lose weight because I have worked on my habits.

Having less fat on your body gives you a sense of satisfaction. When we take care of our health, we felt better. We value ourselves, which helps us both mentally and helps us live better and longer life.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Please visit your doctor or gym trainer if you need any help with weight loss. This article is only for reading and study purposes.

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