Leave Your Job As Early as Possible

Mike Ortega
“Rich people believe ‘I create my life.’ Poor people believe ‘Life happens to me.’”

Financial freedom is one of the hot topics in Silicon Valley. Everyone in Silicon Valley wants to retire at an early age. An interesting fact is, nobody wants to breed children. Most of them live alone, and they love doing it for years.

During a coffee break, one of my colleagues was talking about the benefits of having no marriage and children. After listening to people's conversations secretly (like women do consistently), I came to the point — most folks think that financial freedom= saving and investing more money.

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Financial freedom is different from what people think. They get bombarded with the same type of articles and YouTube videos. It intentionally affects their subconscious minds.

When it comes to job switching, people run behind different courses and try to improve their skills. It’s always preferable to update your skills and deliver them with good efficiency.

Employees think they will become rich by working more, and boss thinks he will be at the top as long as employees are working at good efficiency.

I’m not saying 9 to 5 is a trap. I’m not the eligible person to tell you to leave your desk job when I’m clinging to it. I’m trying to escape from my desk job, so I can lead a good healthy and financial life.

1. Keep yourself in feasible ant-mode

John was the playboy. After living a lavish lifestyle, he came across a harder phase of life. He got addicted to drugs and alcohol. He got a mental illness. His life became hell.

Suddenly a ray of hope came into his life, and he decided to change himself. He started with good habits, started working on petrol pumps, stopped partying, and take admitted to college.

He learned to code online, worked hard on soft skills, and now he has 6 figure income with peace in life.

What did he do?

He invested in himself.

Investing in yourself can help you to become free financially. Take out any skill, work out on it, and then show it to the world and make money from it.

2. Keep yourself in feasible ant-mode

Money is to spend. It seems the opposite idea where all self-development YouTubers cry over investing and saving. My philosophy about money has always been simple, spend money on things that add experience to your life and avoid spending on materialistic things.

What is feasible ant mode?

Ant mode means behaving like ants, and storing your money for the future. ants are intellectual animals behind dolphins. They are well disciplined, hardworking, focused, and goal-oriented.

Ant mode is all about becoming goal-oriented and thinking, acting for continuous progress.

If you want to follow ant mode in finance, just start investing in startups, good businesses and bring other sources of passive income in life.

Ant mode is not limited to saving. It’s all about finding opportunities to build assets that can bring you money when you sleep.

Ant mode can help you to leave your job as early as possible. You can take it as a first step toward financial freedom.

3. Try to buy rental properties

Rental properties are the best class of assets according to me. All my parent's rental properties generate passive income for them. Buying property in the mid of the city, and renting it at a higher level, will make you richer in no time. It is an idea of making money while you sleep.

4. Marry working men/women

It feels offensive to tell people date well earning opposite gender. It seems a crazy and selfish idea, but it can work in long term. If you’re earning $60,000 a month and if you’re partner started adding another. $60,000 your cost of living got reduced significantly. You share your car, home with him/her which helps you to save a lot of money. You can invest that money in your business.

Living life without a paycheck and fear of losing jobs, sound good. It requires a lot of effort and a positive attitude when we try to achieve it. Financial freedom is the root of healthy and tension-free life. Many people are resigning from their job, and are working in different businesses. It’s the need of today’s world to prefer satisfaction over money, sleepover Netflix, and ant-mode over wasting money on reckless night parties.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, this article is for information and study purposes.

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