Dopamine Detox Helps You to Live Better Life

Mike Ortega

Have you ever noticed, after watching a movie, you lost motivation to complete your task? When you pass through the bakery -road, your mind reminds you to eat pastry.
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Why our brain wants something that gives him a kick?

Silicon valley is bending towards dopamine fasting. Dopamine detox is avoiding certain tasks, such as playing video games, watching porn and scrolling Instagram and watching web series till late at night.

The concept of dopamine detox is not new, Ancient Indian monks used it to self discover. They called it detachment. When you detach yourself from materialistic possessions you discover a new person within you.

Dopamine detox is a healthy exercise to let yourself control your triggers and live with less dopamine-related activities.

How do some people get successful and others are not? The reason is dopamine. When you practice high dopamine-related activities like watching porn, playing video games and scrolling through the web you distract yourself from your main motive.

If you continue to fall prey to high dopamine kicks, your life becomes pointless.

How to end dopamine cravings?

Replace your habits with something new

If you need to achieve something great in your life, I suggest you change your habits which increase the dopamine level in your brain. It can be

  • Playing video games
  • watching a movie at midnight
  • Eating fast food
  • drinking
  • smoking
  • Playing video games

The best way to detox yourself from dopamine, you can replace your habits with a new one. Habit building takes time, but they are helpful in the long run.

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