How to Solve Overheating Issue of MacBook M1 pro and M1 max

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MacBook rarely shows overheating issues. Sometimes when you edit video or use it for higher tasks like machine learning, MacBook tends to overheat much. 

Unlike Macbook air M1, which don’t have to overheat issue despite not having a fan. The MacBook Pro has a fan. and apple also expects such laptops to handle the same workloads.
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Reducing Macbook Pro overheating is not really tough task. You can stop the MacBook from overheating easily if you followed some rules. MacBook Pro has the highest M1 processing chip, which works like a beast. Still, Macbook shows a tendency of overheating gradually. 

  1. Give proper ventilation to your MacBook

It is necessary to give proper ventilation to MacBook pro M1 pro and M1x chips. If you are working, on a couch or on a bed there are higher chances, that your MacBook will overheat soon.

Instead, try to put your Macbook on a table or plane surface, so that it will get good ventilation. MacBook will be able to dissipate heat after giving it proper ventilation. Which in turn reduce ventilation.

2. Try to Use system apps

Using system apps helps you than using third-party apps. When you compare chrome and safari, safari runs very smoothly on Macbook M1 cheaps than google chrome. 

When you use a third-party app like a final cut pro there will be a higher chance that your Mac will overheat. The solution for it is to wait for new software updates, use only M1 chip supported apps.

3. Cut down background processes

When you are running heavy RAM driven software, the probability of getting your MacBook getting overheated is more. This is because the CPU get overloaded while handling too many processes at a time. When you slow down your background processes, then your CPU stops overheating. 

Try to Run essential software, while running your MacBook. it will help you to become your MacBook cooler.

4. Update MacBook software

Updating MacBook software is a more efficient way to get rid of the Macbook overheating problem. Updating software sync your Macbook processes and make it easy for MacBook to run heavy software in an easy way.

5. Don’t Use a Cheap charger

Many types of Cheap chargers are available in the market. If you are using these chargers to charge your MacBook then you’re making mistake. 

Faulty chargers reduce your battery capacity and overheat MacBook if you’re using it while charging. It is the main reason for overheating of MacBook if you’re using it while charging.

6. Enable Graphics settings of your MacBook 

Enabling the Graphics setting of the MacBook help to reduce Overheating. For that, you have to visit the activity monitor and tick sync the battery with graphics. It will help you sync your running graphics with the current CPU system.

These are best practices, which I follow to keep my MacBooks free from Overheating. Also, if you’re from hot regions, try to work in an AC environment. Generally, Macs overheat less in cool environments. You also try the above advice, and you will find them more beneficial.

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