My MacBook Air M1 Long Term Review

Mike Ortega
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I purchased MacBook air M1 at the start of the year 2021. Before that, I was an avid Windows user. My MacBook purchase came through my writing business. I was totally excited, for my new mac to arrive at my home.

MacBook Air is a beast laptop. If you’re a freelancer or writer like me, then go for it blindly. MacBook has an edge over its counterpart Windows laptops. I will share with you my experience with Macbook.

1. Connecting external devices

MacBook gives you the facility for connecting external devices. You can connect external devices using a connector that consists of USB C to USB A port and HDMI cable, Pendrive can be connected to a socket which you have to buy from the market.

The sad part here is Macbook air M1 has two ports here, two USB C types, and one is for listening to music through earphones. You can’t connect HDMI cable directly to MacBook.

I have used a trick here, instead of going for a socket which is costing me about $100, I am using OTG to connect my mouse and Pendrive and it is working fine. It has cost me about $5. 

Many creators complain about MacBook having less fewer ports, but you can still use them by using an external socket. 

When it comes to connecting external devices, MacBook air with an M1 chip is Ok here.

2. Battery life

If you’re a freelancer like me, then MacBook M1 is the best-suited laptop for you. MacBook Air has an insane battery life of about 18 hours and it lasts easily for 2–3 days.

When I go to trip on weekends, I easily use my MacBook to carry out tasks. The main reason to invest in this MacBook was its insane battery life. With an embedded M1 chip into it, this laptop become a beast in battery and performance.

3. Portability

MacBook air M1 is easy to handle and carry out if you going from one city to another. MacBook is the best portable laptop I have seen to date when it comes to portability. You can easily carry and handle this laptop at any place.

4. Battery

Now, you’re wondering, why I’m talking about the brightness of this machine and why It is important. If you’re working in sunlight in the morning to get more vitamin D, then this laptop is for you. It has the best brightness in the world. It lights up easily and has zero brightness issues.

5. Speed

Having an M1 chip installed in the machine, this machine became the beast of all other laptops except its pro versions. This laptop is insanely fast. Its speed is very high.

I have a habit of working with opening multiple chrome tabs while researching. Also, I keep opening my communication apps like g-mail while working. But this laptop still, open all apps with one click and work without any delay. 

Still, all apps of MacBook air M1 are not in sync with the M1 chip but essential apps really work better on MacBook air M1.

This laptop has good speed and execution timing, I never experienced any dilemma on this MacBook.

6. Overheating

This laptop is without a fan. It means it has a better cooling capacity. Due to the M1 chip, these laptop cools themselves internally. I found no overheating issue over my six months of usage. This laptop still works fast and is in better condition. It has no overheating issue.

This is my honest review of the MacBook Air M1 laptop. This laptop is the best investment according to my. Many people say like MacBooks are overrated. But, I think they are good at their places. Let’s see how many years I’ll use MacBook air.

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