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Introducing Ar-Rasheed S. Brisco Jr. from Rahway, NJ.


Born in Plainfield, NJ, Ar-Rasheed grew up in Union County in New Jersey throughout his grade school years. His family moved from Plainfield, NJ to Rahway, NJ when he was only 5 years old. While working his way through elementary and intermediate school he was involved in many things which helped to mold him for success later in life. The different activities which included Track, Wrestling, Student Government and the student select choir were all activities that he found himself heavily involved in. The charisma and charm that he uses today in the business world came from a combination of the involvement he had in school, mixed with the difficult circumstances that he was born into. Survival became apart of his DNA when having to maneuver the level of poverty his family experienced. We had a chance to sit with him to learn more.

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“Luck is what happens when being prepared meets the right opportunity” is what my last employer stated to me as I was hired for the last job I had before going full-time with my company It was the wrong place for me to be in; but those words resonated with me and probably will for the rest of my life. You know, it’s hard for me to point to one specific event that sparked what has become a successful black owned credit consulting organization. If I had to choose some defining moments though, it would have to have been the moment in 2016 when I decided to use a credit card to pay for a summer course of an ex-girlfriend who was starting her master’s program. At that time, I wasn’t aware of what I actually was doing, how powerful of a tool I had with one card being able to pay for a college course and most importantly, how that decision would later on impact me. That same summer actually ended up being one that was filled with many ups and downs that tested my integrity, character and made me question my life’s purpose. The setbacks faced during this time put my credit in an awful place, which resulted in me learning how to fix it. Looking back, I should’ve started the company then! My credit was fixed and over time I began to help others with questions they may have had or errors on their credit reports. I was still working for other people though, so naturally I didn’t have the time to fully dedicate to this craft. Having run the corporate “rat race” for years, I began to grow tired of being told what to do by people who often times were in positions of authority based off tenure and nepotism. I hated having to work in environments where the money I was making was the trade-off for being told what to do all day long and metaphorically getting beat down by the negativity and broken dreams in office spaces. Plus, the skill I developed with credit was one that TRULY was helping people and change the lives of those who I came into contact with. Over the span of six years working in B2B sales, to working in a law firm and even in the casino industry, my background was filled with the experience of many areas; but the common denominator in all the different workplaces was the amazing people that I got to meet and work with.

Some of those people were ones that I got to help with credit and understanding finance, which further helped to push me into entrepreneurship. COVID also has been a time where people all throughout the world have had things happen to them that will change the course of their life forever. Unfortunately, I too have experienced those changes with several deaths in the family due to this disease. On the flipside though, business actually grew! My company was one that I thought would be a great side hustle at its inception; but the growth that happened and has continued ever since was enough for me to fire my boss which eventually happened this past fall. I can’t say that it was all me, there were lots of folks who helped to inspire me in ways that I’m not even sure that they know. You know how it is when you talk to people who give you inspiration, though they probably aren’t even realizing what you’re absorbing? That happened too many times to count during my time at the casino and when you mix the constant inspirational sparks with the new success I was seeing outside in my own company; it only was a matter of time at that point. The straw that broke the camel’s back though, was them playing corporate games that no longer phased me once my income from my company rivaled the income, they were putting in my pocket.

Me beginning to take the leap of starting my company was one that started with reservations. Something about going into business for yourself when you’re used to clocking in at another business just wasn’t easy thing to do. Yet, here we are in 2021, year number three of operation! We now represent clients from over twenty states and have removed thousands of negative credit items from client credit reports using factual based disputes. My company is one that is built with the people in mind and at the forefront. We’ll be looking to grow this year to new levels as our client results continue to come in with consistency and efficiency. I can’t thank everyone that worked with us enough for the support, the fulfillment gained personally when we help someone change their life based on having a “second wind” with their credit is truly second to none. The old saying really is true, “when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

During the summer of 2020, amid the pandemic, Ar-Rasheed’s company even grew to the point where he was able to leave his job to take on his company full-time. This newfound time gave him the chance to pick up a new skill, he was able to learn how e-commerce worked at a high level. “Most people want to be successful, but they never want to take the time to find a mentor. Luckily, I had the help of the Shapeshifter Academy (IG: @shapeshifteracademy) to guide me, “ he explained to us. This skill gave him a chance to start to open up his world a little more through more capital. “I highly recommend anyone looking to learn about the ECOM space to check them out for the best guidance. Mayra and her team are top notch!”

Today, Ar-Rasheed found a way to learn more about the world that is changing right around us by now working with a software company. His knowledge that he gained from running the company, mixed with the understanding of e-commerce, along with now learning more about the technology that will shape the world is truly helping him stand out. “People that come from where I come from are told to become athletes, entertainers or learn a prisoner number. My goal is to inspire as many people that look like I do to know that those three options aren’t all that’s out there for us. In the year 2022, I really see my brand and companies taking another leap and really helping those around me. I could cry just thinking about the change that I’m hoping to create.”

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