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Why You Need To Eat Delicious Mexican Food at Mucho Gusto Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon

Michelle Marie Warner

Most customers give them a five-star review, and I think you will, too

Photo by author — sign for Mucho Gusto restaurant on E. 18th Ave, in Eugene, OR, May 2021

When we returned to live in Eugene, Oregon, Mucho Gusto was the first restaurant we visited. I craved the Grande salad with their amazing chipotle vinaigrette dressing. After we tried Mucho Gusto a couple of years ago, I couldn’t imagine eating anywhere else.

Mucho Gusto offers fresh, fast Mexican-American food with a ton of flavor and excellent customer service. I always have pleasant chats with the teen and (mostly) young adult employees, who serve up delicious personalized meals with flair and skill.

They have two locations in Eugene: one is at the popular Oakway Plaza and a newer one on E. 18th. I go to that one the most since it’s near our house.

For those who know Spanish, “mucho gusto” means “nice to meet you.” The literal meaning is “much pleasure” or “much taste,” which I find a clever play on words from the owners, Jim and Mike West.

In 2001, Jim and Phil West created Westaurant Concepts, “…a multi-concept restaurant company based in Eugene, OR that operates its own fast-casual restaurant brands, including Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen, DickieJo’s Burgers, DickieYo’s Frozen Treats and Bill & Tim’s Barbecue & Tap House,” according to their website.

They began with Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen as their flagship restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, then opened another in Medford. Brothers Mike and Chad joined in for catering business.

Expect to get exactly what you want at Mucho Gusto. They show you what’s available, and you can ask for each ingredient at a time.

For my Grande salad, for example, I order a white tortilla bowl. I include romaine, cabbage, chicken, black beans, two kinds of cheese, and tortilla strips. Add my favorite, the out-of-this-world chipotle vinaigrette, with a side for later, and ta-da! I have a scrumptious dinner. I add lime juice and avocado slices at home, but I’m sure they’d offer that if I asked. For $8.95, I get a tasty, fulfilling meal.

This setup works best for this picky eater. My kids can get whatever they want in their burritos and get to watch them make it. They offer a reasonably priced kids meal at $6 for a burrito or quesadilla, chips, orange slice, and drink.

What makes Mucho Gusto’s food so tasty? I think it’s the fresh produce and cooking their ingredients fresh daily that makes a big difference. I take note of the display of fresh fruits and veggies when I arrive.
Photo by author — fresh fruit and vegetable display at Mucho Gusto in Eugene, OR, May 2021

One time, I watched them make rice with chopped tomatoes and onions in front of this display. That convinced me why I love it so much. They don’t let the food sit for too long, and they’re conscious about health and nutrition. Not bad for a fast-food restaurant, right?

When you’re looking for a tasty lunch or dinner in Eugene, Oregon, I highly recommend stopping by Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen. They’re currently open seven days a week from 11 AM-9 PM for takeout, delivery, online ordering, and limited dine-in (with outdoor seating).

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