The Only 6 Essentials a Newborn Really Needs

Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones

The “Baby Essentials” list can be so overwhelming because marketing can be so pushy, and we tend to fall into the sale. We see new products and we want to buy them. Truthfully, there are different categories for all the items that brands want to sell us and not all of these categories fall into the essentials. Here are some of the top 6 newborn essentials you really need.

1: Mom

Good thing is you do not need to purchase this item. You, as mom, are the first thing your baby needs. They are all you know. Your voice, your heart everything your baby has learned has been from your womb. Skin to skin is soothing for them and they truly only need a mother’s love. Holding your baby in your arms is part of a newborn need. They need it to feel safe, secure and most importantly loved. Affection is everything to your baby. Especially the moment he exists your body and is confronted with a whole new world. An unknown world where he feels naked -literally. You are comfort and yes, you are the number one thing they need.

2: Clothing/Blankets

Birthing a baby is like waking up one day confused, in the middle of nowhere, completely naked wondering what the hell is happening. Your baby needs clothes to feel warm unless they are skin to skin with mom since this too will keep them warm. Clothing and blankets are the number one item that is gifted when a child is born. They are important for your baby to keep and regulate their temperature.

3: Bassinet

The importance of where your baby will be sleeping is of high priority. The first weeks maybe even months, your baby does not NEED a crib, but they do need a safe place to sleep and nap. There are many diverse options for a bassinet. The internet if full of them and you do not need to spend a fortune on one of these to keep your baby safe. Find something that works for you and your family that you feel confident with. Yes, the first days maybe even weeks you might not be able to sleep because you will be concerned if your baby is breathing or not. If you’re like me, you will probably get too close to hear your baby breathe or even use your finger to feel air coming out of his nose.

4: Diapers + Diaper rash cream

Whether you decide on cloth diapers or disposable, they are necessary because well… I guess its self-explanatory. The first few months, baby will poop extremely often, pretty much every time they have their milk so expect to have those diapers handy everywhere you can think of. Once again, the market for diapers is humungous so there are a lot of different kinds to suit your and your baby’s needs. It’s also extremely important to have a diaper rash cream with you because you might have days where your baby’s pee or poop can cause a rash and it will make your baby uncomfortable and probably irritable. You already have a lot to deal with so make it easier on yourself and carry it with you wherever you are.

Tip: I bought several to keep in different places: my room, my baby’s room, diaper bag and bathroom. This way if one gets lost, you won’t spend hours thinking about where you left it. Especially with new mommy brain turned on.

5: Wipes

I mean you just got to. Water wipes were my favorite. I don’t recommend any fragrance for your newborn since you don’t really know how it might react to their skin. The less product, the better. Pee and poop, both need to be rinsed or removed from the skin, so your baby doesn’t get rashes and become uncomfortable. That’s pretty much it.

6: Car seat

Before you leave the hospital (even if you don’t give birth at a hospital) you will need a car seat. If you do not, they will not let you leave the hospital. It is extremely important for your baby’s safety and for getting discharged from the hospital. If you don’t plan or don’t give birth at the hospital, you still need it. You will probably get your baby vaccinated and will eventually have to leave your home. It could be an emergency (which I really hope is not the case) but you need to be prepared. Do your research and see what car seat will work best for you and your family.

There is really nothing else your baby will need as a newborn. Everything else is just extra stuff that we want to be because it’s a -like my husband would say- a nice to have. It’s true. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy anything else I’m just stating the priority of the newborn arrival items. If you want to buy anything else, please be my guest, just know that these are probably going to have to be on the top of your list.

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