6 Ways to Avoid Pregnancy Nausea

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We all have to admit that one of the most common symptoms for many women who become pregnant is pregnancy nausea. I use the word “pregnancy” nausea and nor “morning sickness” because first of all, pregnancy is not a sickness. Second, you don’t get it only during the morning. Pregnancy sickness can be all throughout the entire day: Morning, noon and night – 24/7.

As a mother who has experienced two pregnancies, I have learned some natural tips or hacks that can help with pregnancy nausea. Some of them were recommended by my Dr. and the others I found out on my own. I know how hard it can be sometimes to try and feel good when you have a child to care for when you are feeling your worst. In hopes that some of these tips help you in any way is my intention.

1. Try and eat a little something every 2-3 hours

I know that the last thing you want to do when you are nauseous is to eat something, especially if it’s something every 2-3 hours. Truth is, you also need to remember that even at such an early gestational stage, you still need to nourish your baby but most importantly yourself. Nutrition is such a big part of pregnancy and in my experience, eating every 2-3 hours really helped decrease the intensity of my nausea even if it was only for a few minutes. You learn to appreciate those minutes or even seconds where you are not nauseous.

2. Water

As a huge water consumer, this one really came as a shocker to me. I know during breastfeeding I come much thirstier, but I realized that during pregnancy I started to feel nauseous and started to get headaches whenever I had not had enough water. This is a huge one if you are not much of a drinker. Hydration is key! It may be hard to consume a gallon of water a day while experiencing nausea, but dehydration can aggravate feelings of nausea. If you cannot stand drink water alone, try adding some fresh fruits like limes or strawberries to give it a palpable taste.

3. Stay away from scents that trigger nausea

When we are pregnant, we become canines (all partners can back me up on this). We can smell something from a mile away- no joke. It really is amazing how our bodies and senses start to transform. However, even scents that seemed pleasant once before getting pregnant, are now those which we cannot come near. I remember my husband’s perfume was intolerable for me to smell. Certain foods like chicken, fish etc.., and for everyone may differ. It’s important to know which scents are not making you feel well and stay away from them.

4. Ginger

There has been a lot of controversy on whether or not ginger should be consumed during pregnancy since it has been said that it may cause you to go into labor. If you are doubting yourself, my advice would be to ask you Dr. if you can eat it. I personally think that is a myth and, in my opinion, as long as it’s not a ginger shot and it is eaten in a small dose, you should be perfectly okay. Once consumed, ginger acts on receptors in the digestive system and speed stomach emptying, which in turn may help reduce feelings of nausea. Even ginger sold in drops may also help.

5. Eat Ice

Yes, eating or chewing on ice. I know this may seem like a weird one, however, I have found it to be immediately effective and if you’re worried about consuming extra calories because either a medical condition or just your healthy pregnancy in general, then this is a great way to avoid nausea. Plus, if you are finding it hard to consume water, ice is any easy way to get that hydration into your body.

6. Chewing gum

I don’t know if anybody else is like me, but Spearmint or Peppermint flavored gum was a huge salvation in my first pregnancy. If you have been craving fruits and sweets in your pregnancy you might opt for chewing some sugar free sweet-flavored gum. On my second pregnancy, fruity or sweet flavored gum was my go-to. This is why I know either or will work depending on what our cravings are.

If you have tried other techniques that have helped during pregnancy, I’d love to hear about them. These were just some of the best ones for me and I wanted to share them with you!

Quick tip: Whenever these didn’t work or their effect was short, I reminded myself that having pregnancy nausea is actually a good thing. You are growing a baby inside of you!

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