Learning How to Eat Healthy is a Process

Michelle Jaqua

I Slipped But I’m Moving Back Towards My Goal


I love food. LOVE FOOD. I have a bad habit of eating whatever I want, when I want.

With that, I’ll admit that I overeat. And I’ve gained weight.

When I went through menopause, I had the worst symptoms. I felt like I was going out of my mind. If you can name any symptom that comes with menopause, I had it.

With the help of my physicians, I started on an antidepressant. God, that helped me so much. I felt like normal again. However, I needed to titrate up the antidepressant and was on a pretty high dose. With that new medication, I had new side effects. One was weight gain.

I’ve been on the antidepressant for a couple years now, and in that time, I’ve gained about fifty pounds. 50!

I’ve always been thin and athletic. I used to run for fun. I never worried about weight gain, thus, I ate whatever I wanted.

As I’ve gotten older, my body has changed. I’m experiencing the regular changes of aging.

I’ve tried for two years to lose weight. I’ve been unsuccessful. On the contrary, I keep gaining weight.

For the past month, I’ve been working with my doctor to taper down and stop my antidepressant. I don’t need it any more because I’m now through my menopause. I’ve been hoping that this will help me with weight loss.

So far, my taper is going great! My body is having no negative reactions to coming off the medication.

I started intermittent fasting. I didn’t think I could do intermittent fasting, since I love having something in my mouth most of the time. But, I’ve been able to shrink my time of eating to 6–8 hours length, from seriously like 12–14 hours space of time.

Then I started eating keto-ish. I started dropping weight! I dropped ten pounds. My weight was lower than it’s been in two years. I was on a roll.

Then the holidays happened.

I decided to go ahead and enjoy myself. I didn’t overeat, but I did celebrate.

For two days, I’ve been trying to get myself back on my intermittent fasting and eating keto. It’s like starting all over again.

I decided to weigh myself today. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. I gained back 5.6lbs.

That’s how my body works. Takes a month to lose 10lbs, and two days to gain over 5lbs.

I’m working on getting back on my intermittent fasting. I’m cooking keto, which for me just means no sugar and low carbs. My body does better with less carbs. I’ve found out during my month of weight loss, carbs and sugary foods give me heartburn. I’ve had heartburn for years.

I’m getting back on this new way of eating. I’m looking into types of ways to pack more nutrition into my body instead of calories. My journey has just started. I want to look at this journal in a year from now, and see that I’ve come a long way.

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