Who Will Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Michelle Jaqua


As COVID-19 vaccinations become more readily available to the public, a recent inquiry found that up to 30% of the population will refuse the vaccine. Specific demographics of the U.S. population are refusing the vaccine at higher levels than average. Here are the highest demographics of people who are refusing the vaccine:


Women respondents were 71% more likely to refuse the vaccine. Women said they were concerned about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and would not take the immunization if offered. Since women are usually the gatekeepers of medical care for their families, and women make up most of the healthcare population, this is the most significant barrier to achieving a 90% immunity rate and ending the pandemic.

Black people

The Black respondents and including other ethnic minorities are 41% more likely to refuse the vaccine. The lack of immunizing for this demographic is more due to social, economic, and healthcare inequities. The Black population has a historical past of medical abuse. They also worry about the cost of the vaccine.

Politically conservative

Those who voted for Trump in the 2020 election were 29% more likely to refuse the vaccine. As the pandemic and all related issues of the pandemic, including social distancing and wearing masks, have become a political topic rather than a health issue. Those who are politically conservative are more likely to decline the COVID-19 vaccinations.

90% of the population must achieve immunity to end the pandemic, according to Dr. Fauci. If only 70% of the people accept the vaccination, it will take much longer to complete "herd immunity." It may even take years.

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