Why Aren't Healthcare Workers Getting the COVID vaccine?

Michelle Jaqua


As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out in phases, reports show that first-line healthcare workers are deciding to pass on getting vaccinated. Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff working directly with coronavirus patients are showing a lower-than-expected participation rate. Considering hospital and medical staff's high risk for contracting the virus, why are large percentage of the healthcare workers declining to get vaccinated?

Although there are many individual reasons for declining the COVID vaccines, the main reasons are due to fear and politics. Here are the top reasons why workers in the healthcare field are choosing not to get immunized:

1. Lack of trust in the government.

2. Not trusting the science behind the research for the vaccine; believing the vaccines were pushed through too fast.

3. Fearful of the side-effects.

4. Fearful of the long-term consequences.

5. Distrust of big pharma

6. Are pregnant or want to become pregnant and find there is not enough to know how the vaccine affects pregnancies.

7. Are unsure if the vaccine will really protect them from COVID.

Many respondents are as afraid as the general public about the vaccines. There has been shown that between 10% and up to 50% of healthcare workers (depending on location) do not want to receive the vaccine.

Unfortunately, with this type of reluctancy, the ability to create "herd immunity" will be difficult to obtain, and with this general distrust, it will cause extreme medical and societal issues. It's more important than ever for scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and government to become even more transparent about the science behind the vaccine and show the safety and efficacy of immunizations so that we as a community can stop the spread of the virus.

The public needs to feel safer about getting coronavirus vaccines. Not only does the public need to feel safer, but it's critical for our essential workers to also feel they are not going to be further harmed by this pandemic.

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