You Can't Get Real Juice at the Grocery Store Anymore

Michelle Jaqua

My husband and I went to the store yesterday to buy some cranberry juice. We needed it for a particular, um, medical situation. In our local grocery chain, there is an aisle full of all kinds of juices, from mixtures to juice cocktails, with exotic fruits down to the basic apple. We never had a doubt that we could grab what we needed and head to the checkout.

When we got to the juice section of the store, we found all different blends of fruit juices. Most were blended with apple or grape juice. Looking further at the ingredients and amount of actual juice in the bottle, we found that bottled juices had between 17%-37% juice; the majority of the "juice" was sugar.

Cranberry juice was typically mixed with grape, apple, or berries, and at most was 37% juice.

The only type of 100% juice we could find was either apple juice, or grape juice. There was no 100% cranberry juice.

I remember a time when I could go to the grocery store and find real food there. Real juice: especially cherry or cranberry juice, which is a helpful aid for inflammation, urinary problems and gout.

However, not now. Real food is a privelege. Otherwise you're buying food stuff that's heavily processed and contains only unhealthy ingredients, That includes "juice" that's really just sugar.

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