Opening Your Heart For Love

Michelle Jaqua

When you close a door on the old, you open another for something new.

There have been many times when I've held on to something that wasn't good for me. When I do this, any doors of opportunity remain closed. When I finally let go of that which isn't serving me and open my heart enough to let love in, only then do the doors of opportunity open.

When my heart is occupied by one thing or person, this could be something that's not necessarily good for me, but it still takes up my time and spirit. This gives me no other opportunities to present themselves. Only when I disengage my heart from that obsession will the options fly in.

For example, I was dating a beautiful man a long time ago, but it wasn't working out. He broke it off with me, but my heart didn't let me know that. My heart was still with him. For three more months, my heart was with him. There were no other men who presented themselves for me to date. I didn't want to go out with anyone, and so no men ever approached me. I kept in contact with the man who still had my heart, always hoping that he'd change his mind. On the other side, I looked at any opportunities to date, but it wasn't happening because I wasn't ready to open my heart up to another person.

Then I had a final conversation with this man. The clarification that evolved from that talk was enough to entirely and finally shut down all hope and emotional commitment I had towards him. I could feel my heart disengaging from him as we talked. With zero being no desire and ten being all in, I went from an eight to a zero in a matter of a few exchanged sentences.

It was over.

Then, some form of a miracle happened. Within two days, BAM, BAM, BAM! Not one, not two, but THREE men contacted me and wanted to take me out on a date. What happened? If this was the first time, I'd have thought it was a crazy coincidence. But this has happened to me many times before, finally closing a door and then another one swinging wide open. Nothing else was there for me until I disengaged my heart from my current situation. When I open my heart, the universe sends opportunities my way: new experiences, new potential mates, new jobs, and new ideas. I manifest quickly, but only when I'm ready. When I don't manifest something, I know it's because I'm not ready yet. But, when I'm willing, look out!

What is your experience with this? I'm curious if other people have similar stories.

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